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Who Are You – Do you Really Know? (Part 1)

The sole purpose of this effort is to supply you with the “Keys to the Kingdom” for the attainment of whatever it is you may want.  Many people have the aspirations of greater happiness, but for whatever reason they think  happiness comes with the possession of material things such as money, land, companionship or even sex, drugs, and rock and roll and once you have acquired these items in abundance you will have reached happiness and of course freedom.  The odd thing to this aspiration is we discover what we all need most and few have it…is to be consistent in “Being You” your best self…yeah many people would say that sounds like a lot of B.S. when in actuality we know it’s not…if you did you would not be reading this right now.

It’s a misnomer, but we continue chasing the feeling of greater possessions…we need more…have to have more, and it matters not what it is as long as it’s more, and it brings us contentment, happiness, or freedom into our lives…when it actuality…that is so far from the truth.  No person, place or thing can or will every give us any of these things.

Depending on our quantity of capital we may enjoy certain happiness and possibly a smidgen of contentment, but not true freedom.  We won’t be able to do that looking in the mirror exercise…because it won’t work…what is the mirror exercise…ahhhhh yes.   That is when you take the time to really look at yourself in the mirror and ask the question are you happy with what you see…so you feel good about what you’re doing…if you were to die at this moment would you be proud of what you’ve done.

Hey I get it…it’s hard to understand outside things are not what gives us the freedom we chase.  We can; however; experience it on many levels, but probably the most important thing to learn from this is joy does not come from outside of us, but from within…OK so you get it, but if that’s true why do so many dogs still chase that car…I can’t answer that one…but it’s true many dogs still do.   If we really want to find true joy, happiness, contentment and freedom you will learn they all come from within.

So if it comes from within how do we get it then…first it’s necessary to continually persist in the knowledge and understanding of the “Law of Visualization” and to make practical application of that knowledge on whatever level of life we exist upon.  What is this “Law of Visualization”?  Visualization is defined as visual imagery and it has been an effective way to communicate both abstract and concrete ideas since the dawn of man…it’s really any technique for creating images, diagrams, or animations to communicate a message to your mind.

It’s essential for you to acquire the desired knowledge necessary to create those things you desire and through meditation…many things come to you.  Whoa…whoa….whoa…I get it…just hang on…I’m not saying meditation in the traditional sense of what comes to mind when you hear the word meditation.  Here’s something to freak you out just after I said meditation did you not get some picture in your mind of this…

Hang on this is not what I’m referring to as you will see in Part 2