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True Flexibility

True Flexibility of the mind, body and spirit.

Flexibilityrevolves around whether or not you react to a situation or respond, which are options we choose either you will consciously choose or your subconscious will choose for you.  No one can ever upset you without your corporation…or permission.  To become upset you must react to a response given to you rather than respond in a controlled manor.

Direct and Control the emotion of Enthusiasmyou must be able to turn on and off this emotion as easily as you turn water off at the faucet.  Because if you do not control it…well it will control you every time.     

 Sincerity of Purpose…if you’re not sincere in every relationship you should be because the more you care about other people the more they tend to care about you…remember that golden rule, but if you find people tend to reject, for seem disconnected from you it’s your sincerity of purpose that is creating that situation.  No one is attracted towards someone who deceive others…although it may work in the beginning karma will play a factor if you simply continue your attitude.  Sincerity is one characteristic which cannot be faked, because when you’re not sincere it carries with it a telepathic signal or vibration if you will, and people easily and effortlessly pick up on.

Things that can destroy your pleasing personality

  1. Breaking in and running away with the conversation when other are talking.
  2. Sarcasm expressed by insinuations or put downs…
  3. Vanity expressed by words or action will make someone very unpopular
  4. Not Listening while other are speaking…very rude and your more apt to learn something while listening than while speaking, which by the way is why you were born with two ears and one mouth…use those ears more often.
  5. Flattery…giving flattery where flattery is not deserved will bring quick resentment from others…be generous but genuine with your praise.
  6. Finding Fault or complaining about the world at hand is never a popular habit nor is it advisable. It’s far better to direct the conversation towards things which are good and positive as opposed to complaining about things you believe to be wrong..remember the adage about opinions.
  7. Openly and directly challenging those with whom you do not agree when there is really no reason for doing so other than to be, in your mind right or to be on the opposite side just to create discontent.
  8. Volunteering unsolicited advice…this can make you an in-tolerated bore…maybe a better phrase is “Don’t be a Dick”.  Keep in mind free advice is usually considered to be worth just what it cost, which is nothing but the patience to listen to people is quite a valuable trait.
  9. Speaking of physical ailments or by complaining about personal problems is something which should be kept to yourself. Only speak of things which interest the person you’re talking with, which are things they are interested in.
  10. Superiority…through use of words,body language and topics unfamiliar to others keeps your conversations in tune with those you’re talking with using their words and expressions.
  11. Envy…of those who are successful…comes from your inner feelings of lack…and the more you concentrate on lack the more you receive.  Try to be generous, sympathetic, and joyous at the accomplishments and success of others.
  12. Looking your best without being overdressed is a worthwhile endeavor yet being careless in the care of your body and your dress leads to a perception of a negative attitude which again is picked up telepathically and vibrationally.

Remember, if for any reason you are not liked by others there is a reason which you can and should be able to detect and correct…there is a law called cause and affect…and it always…without fail is working.  It’s important to remember that Andrew Carnegie paid his #1 assistant Charles Swab $100,000 per year for services rendered, but what’s important is he gave Charles a $1,000.000 bonus every year because of the pleasing personality Charles used with every employee within the company, which bread a loyalty which cannot be bought.

I leave you with an intention I use every day which is to refrain from demanding more riches, yet I demand more wisdom of myself from the infinite power I have a connection to.  I’ve been blessed with certain gifts from birth and through the ability and power of my mind I ask for ways to better use my gifts than to ask for more.