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Self-Improvement For Your Mind

Self-improvement is something very necessary in your life…it’s a must and it takes a bit of time…there is an understanding you need to go slow to go fast.  It’s only through self-reflection, self-improvement that you begin to learn who you really are.  People are becoming more aware of the relationship going on between their inner selves and their outer selves, as proof you’re different, weird maybe even a bit crazy…but tell me if I’m wrong…have you not thought about this inner you I’m referring to…have you not begun to look inside…have you not had ideas or thoughts popping into your head this very moment as you’re readying this…you know it’s true…I know it’s true…and that kind of makes it spooky…yes!

If you haven’t began this journey your thinking about…it’s really not that spooky…it’s like walking on water is a piece of cake…provided you know where the stones just beneath the water lay.  If you weren’t having these kinds of thoughts you wouldn’t be here…you would not be reading this book…see I just sound mystical…I’ve just been there so I know certain things like what you’re going through.  Think about this for a minute…let’s say I was meeting you for the first time…actually in this setting that is somewhat true…anyway you probably know my first question…who are you?  What do you say…do you say I’m a mother or father, school teacher, nurse, mechanic, or whatever your current job title gives you…that’s not who you are…that’s the role you’re playing…that’s the role you’ve chosen at this point in your life…but that’s not really you.

Discovering who the real you actually is at the core of your being and once you’ve truly met that person…listen to me now…once you’ve really met that person you will no longer come from any other place.  Don’t take that as you give the other things up…if you said you are a mother or father, school teacher, nurse, mechanic, or whatever you still are, but you’re doing now from the perspective of your I am.  I get it…I understand this sounds like a lot to lay out but that’s a good thing because believe it or not I’m preparing you for the next section or topic we’re going to visit. OK so where were we…ah yes…you may think you know this inner you, but beware it as I said it could easily be another you…and not the real you.