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Self Disipline

Self-Discipline It’s About Gain Mastery of The Following…

  1. Your tongue…always making sure to think before you speak and what you’re going to say will not only benefit you but does not hurt others. Remember lose lips sinks ships…
  2. Do not Strike Back At Others…whether it’s real or imagined is not the point…the point to remember is whatever you do whether it’s for yourself or for another.  It’s because every thought or every act benefits or injures another comes back to you through karma and usually greatly multiplied…so in the future if you feel you need to slander another simply just don’t say it, but here’s an idea…write it down, and then later read it to yourself, and then when your alone read it out loud where no one can hear you, and finally once your satisfied tear it up.
  3. Controlling Emotions is very important…but more specifically love, hate, fear and sex. These are without a doubt the biggest of all our emotions and they have the ability to make or break you based upon the degree or let’s say amount of control you can exercise over them.
  4. A Mental Attitudes…Controlling your attitude is the name of the game…if you can imagine life as a game, and it can and does drive away friends, family, spouses or significant others, as well as many opportunities if you don’t have control over them.   Constantly practice a positive attitude because real or fake people enjoy prefer it…you can go much further in life with a positive attitude because people will want to be around you as opposed to a negative one where no one wants to be around you.
  5. Emotion of Sex is very powerful and failure to exercise any self-discipline over this emotion will be destructive beyond your imagination.  It heads the list of all the causes of personal failure. The emotion of sex is by far and away the most powerful of all the emotions and it can be transmuted into good or left to run rampant.  The key of controlling this highly yet amazing emotion is through as I said transmutation.
  6. Your stomach…yeah I know had to go there…but really the discipline of proper eating habits combined with diet and fasting is a powerful combination. It really is more a personal thing and will not necessarily be addressed here other than to say in general someone who is over weight is sometimes thought to be lazy and has a low self esteem.
  7. Religion and Politics is a no no and is better off left alone.  Let’s be real here when you delve into this topic it has an uncanny ability to bring about arguments, frustrations, and negativity and in most cases can never be settled.  Just keep your opinions to yourself because that is what they are opinions just don’t comment on them even when asked…
  8. The mind which is amazing and controlling and direct to definite end is a constant process that you most adhere to. You must learn to control the thoughts which you will allow and the ones you won’t, because if you don’t your mind will control you and you never want to be in that place…it’s like the story of two wolves; 

An old Grandfather said to his grandson running deer, who had come to him with anger with a friend who had, in his mind, done him an injustice, as his grandfather said “let me tell you a story running deer.”

I too, like you, have felt a great hate for those that have taken so much, with no empathy for that they’ve done.  Hate and envy wears you down, and does not hurt your enemy.  In fact, it’s like drinking poison and hoping your enemy will die.  I have struggled with these very feelings so many times in my long life”.  The Grandfather continues, “It’s as if there are two wolves inside me, with one being good and does no harm. He lives inside me in harmony with all that is around him, and does not take offense when no offense was intended.  He will only fight when it’s right to do so and only then fight in the right way, but the other wolf he is much different…he is full of anger, envy and this littlest thing sets him into a fit of temper.  He fights everyone, all the time and for no real reason…he is the wolf of EGO.  He cannot and does not think because his anger, envy and hate are so great.  He does not understand his helpless anger, envy and hate will change nothing.  Sometimes, it’s hard to live with these two wolves inside me for both of them try to dominate my spirit”

Running deer appeared to be in deep thought as he looked at the floor for over a minute when he finally looked up intently into his Grandfather’s eye and asked… “Which one wins, Grandfather?”

The Grandfather smiled and quietly said, “The one I feed running deer…the one I feed”.

I ask not for more riches, but instead I ask for more wisdom that I may create a wiser use of the riches you’ve blessed me with at birth consisting of the power of my mind with the ability to control it and with your guidance direct it to whatever ends I desire