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Mind Movies…What Are They…Part 1?

There is a phenomenal way to instantly attract success into your life. It’s so simple and yes so easy a caveman, and to be politically correct a cave-woman can do it…or at least I would think he or she could. The truly amazing part of the mind movies is just how incredibly powerful, it can literally transform your life!
Allow me to try and explain how it works…

The concepts of visualization are far from new, and make no mistake, it’s absolutely essential in your goal to realizing your dreams. Harv Eker from his book says “No one becomes wealthy “accidentally”. We all must have a clear picture of where we intend to go. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, or how big or lavish your dreams are. The important thing is locking in on an actual picture of your ideal life can indeed make things happen.

For example, maybe you saw this…maybe not, anyway there are these two little girls from Jamaica and they were guests back when the Oprah show was on…not on the “Own” network she created afterwards… and the reason they were on the show was conveyed in their words “they saw it happening”. They went on to explain how they would look at Oprah’s picture over and over again and imagine how it felt to be there…and through their daily visualization they made to Oprah’s show. So I guess my question to you is…”why aren’t you using this to your best advantage”? Just maybe because until now, you’ve never heard of it, or what little bit you have heard seems too confusing or too difficult to do.

I believe the problem lies in the fact that we have always been told we need to visualize our dreams and allow our feelings of those dreams to absorb into us. It all sounds good but, most of us simply can’t visualize long enough, strongly enough, or consistently enough to make it work for us. Plus, you may stop yourself by not believing the process will work at all, which is followed by the stinking thinking of, “why bother?”

Fact is, the only way you will ever achieve anything is by “seeing” where you want to go in crystal clear detail, and it’s this consistent “seeing” that will set off a cosmic “chain reaction” bringing in the feelings, more specifically the emotions brought into us by experiencing the reality of our dreams fulfilled, which only helps to fulfill those dreams.

Do you have any idea why Mind Movies work? They work because they leverage off the extreme power of the Law of Attraction with visual effects. Basically, this means if you completely believe something will happen with all of your soul, and then feel as though it has already happened it will become a reality. People have utilized this amazing effect for years to become happy and successful. It’s also rooted in the science of psychology, because it’s your sub conscious mind that is constantly trying to close the gap between what you perceive as real, and what is real. Some of the issues associated with this lies within the minds of many people perceiving what they want to become reality.

We as a human beings tend to think about what we don’t want in our lives, whether it’s lack of money, bills, the old beat up car we need to replace, which only brings in more of things into our lives to helps get more lack, more bills, more of that old beat up car into our lives.  When you focus on the things you don’t want you will get more of what you don’t want…really it’s that simple.


Oh wait were not done next week we’ll do part two…