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Well HellInto Your Mindo everyone…do hope you’re have a great day and I’d like to welcome you to my new blogging website…kind of a strange name yes…?  It’s cool I love it because I will explain the topic of this blog but just for a moment I want to us a metaphor that will also help to explain this blog.  You see I’m a skilled DYI practitioner and some what proficient at helping people remodel their homes…and for just a moment think of your mind as the bathroom and shit as your thoughts…as we have crappy thoughts they don’t make us appreciate our bathroom retreat.  I’m here to help you remodeling your bathroom more importantly sorry to say…well not really…but I’m here to help you get rid of your shitty bathroom…

This is going to an amazing blog because of the topics that will show up…at a minimum that is my plan or goal.  I truly hope you like the concept or idea I’ve come up with regarding this mix of entertainment and hopefully some education…the subject of this blog is going to be the Conscious and Subconscious mind.I understand that does and will cover a wide arrangement of topics because both of them are so incredible and for me I enjoy studying them, learning about them, practicing on them to see how we tick as human beings.

There are so many misconceptions regarding the mind/brain…which is two different animals but amazing in their own right…but there are just as many if not more misconception regarding our subconscious and conscious mind. I would love to know more about them and if I entertain you as I write then everyone should be have fun, learn things, and maybe get some unknown power that has been within us all along…or is that as they say Poppy Cock.

Can you imagine, for just a moment, how cool, great, or any other descriptive word you care to use regarding our minds, both subconscious and conscious with respect to how they work.Hang on keep imagining with me but what if you could understand people or animals on a different level, or what if you could see dead people or at least their energy, what if you could travel through time, if only in your mind but seem as real as reality…if that is even real.

Reality is only a perception…it’s our perception…yours, mine and billions of other people…it how we perceive our reality that matter most…because in our minds we matter most…generally speaking. I wonder if you can imagine how beautiful it would be if you could use them to create anything you want in life…yeah that’s what I said.  If you could manage to let’s just use the word manifest…if you could manifest anything into your life how cool would that be…do you think it’s possible?

Do you think things and people in your life come into it for People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime?  What about coincidences…we all know they happen but why do they happen…some think they are simply things that happen with no meaning what so ever…while still others think there is a reason that particular coincidence happened at that particular space and time.

Stay with me as I explore, delve into, discover, bring before your mind for you to simply think of what is presented to you…I would never say you should believe as I do…for you are your own person and you will believe, sadly enough, as you have been programed…but it can change…

I leave you with a saying one of my mentors use to tell me and was in fact I discovered was…is…and always will be true…If you change your thoughts, you change your mind, when your change your mind your change your habits, when your change your habits you change your life and when you change your life you change your income…Hmmmmm

Stay vibrating…

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