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Having A Pro Do It

From time to time we create post about many different things but because of a recent development involving our friends and their families we felt the need to step forward and simply tell you about it, because if it walks like a duck, quacks like duck…well it must be a duck…we believe this is a time we want to help in any way we can to support our local businesses.

We’ve talked with some friends that I associate with the when they all tell us the same thing I tend to listen to them.  They live in our home town of the Big KC MO, and for those of you who don’t know that that is well its Kansas City, Missouri.

Anyway the point is when we have our friends tell us more than once how special this particular local business is…Well we just feel like we needed to tell all of our friends reading our post about it.

So the company goes by the name of Asphalt Sealcoating KCMO, you can click on the link to see their website.  They are local to Kansas City business and have been around since 1965 and we have to support our local businesses who are chasing that sometimes elusive American Dream.  They started out doing what many people in this particular line of business do.  They went door to door talking to home owners and business owners where they noticed their pavement need some serious attention.  Whether it was driveways or small parking lots in and around the Kansas City area.  As time went on they branched out getting bigger and bigger doing just about any kind of asphalt pavements whether they are parking lots, driveways or even natural trails at some of the nicest parks in the area.

Even though they it seems they do some very large projects what we were told by our friends is they still arrange for time to do driveways.  You know it’s kind of reminds me of something we’ve been told all our lives, which is you should always “dance with the one that brought you”, which is simply saying that you should always keep doing what brought you to your success.

As we said our friends who are home owners and business owners alike it was those people who actually motivated us to create this post by how they individually raved about this asphalt sealcoating business.  All we are asking is if or when you need some any of pavement repair, replacement or even brand new asphalt do yourself a favor and just give them a call.  From what we understand they would love the opportunity to earn your business and do an amazing job for you.