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Stop Using Your Head

It’s really incredible how many people have the answers to questions they asked right inside of them but for whatever reason they need to validate them with someone who knows nothing about the question they are asking…sounds like a vicious never ending circle.  So many times I have people ask me a question when I know they have the answer, and sometimes, when I’m really lucky I get to watch as they answer their own questions…it’s so cool to see it when it happens.

We have be given the ability to discover the answer to any question that arises when the question is about us…you want to know the height of Mt Everest…well that is more a question for google.  If you happen to know someone you knows the answer to that question I would suggest you get on “Who wants to be a millionaire” and make sure they are one of your life lines…lol.

I’m referring to other questions…questions about who you are and what you’re here to do and so many more…but it not something that comes from your brain…these answers come from somewhere a bit further South…No not that far South…men tend to think from there way too much and look at the troubles you get into when you listen to your second head.  I’m talking about your heart…or this may freak some of you out but from your soul.

You see your soul connects with the universe, God, Supreme Being or whatever name you want to use, but trust me it does connect and I’ll prove it.  How many times have you been searching for the answer to a question and it just comes to you…or you run into someone you may or may not know but out of the blue without knowing they are doing it they give you that answer…that happens to us so much more than we realize…maybe it will help to think about this in a totally different way…I’ve used this in the past to explain it and I figure to give you at least two examples your better to grab onto one of them…cool

The other thing or unique way to look at this is to think about a decision or something in the past you were having issues with.  Then out of the blue you get this idea in your head but the minute you begin to have this idea something happens…remember how you would get the really strange…but good feeling in your gut.  Like your stomach would feel kind of weird but not in a bad way in a good way as your thought about this idea you just received…are you ready for it because here it comes.  How many times have you had this crazy feeling about an idea and you just weren’t sure about it, but for whatever reason you decided to go with the idea and the idea turned out to be amazing and it worked out better than you even imagine it would.  I know you’ve heard people say go with your gut…well that feeling is coming from your heart because all emotions come from your heart not your brain…you can think about love or something you really like maybe food, but when your heart adds an emotion to it you feel amazing.  It’s because your subconscious is where the idea was created and it passed it down to your heart where an emotion is attached to your idea…hence the weird feeling in your gut.  Take a moment and think about it…really think about it and see if I’m not right.

What is truly amazing is how this all comes together…you see your heart/soul makes the connection and is bringing you’re your answer and it sends signals to your brain to guide you to the answer you’ve been searching for…this does work and has worked over and over again for millions of people…you just have to follow a few steps…

Stay tune and I will be bringing you the individual steps in much more details about how all of this works and if you just give me the benefit of the doubt on this I’m pretty sure I can blow your mind and you will become a believer of what I’m saying or at a minimum you see the possibilities to it and give it a try.  As I said that will be for a later time, but as I said these step are a bit involved and it may take a bit of time to wrap your head around them or maybe I should say your mind around this concept.  I figure the best way to do that is to just visit them one at a time and then at the very end give you a summary…so check back and read those as they are somewhat lengthy and I want to spread them over a few post…don’t really want to give you a book on this…just the highlights…

Thanks…for being you…and much love.