How to make your event Amazing!!!

So many people have different events in their lives when they celebrate different things, birthdays, turning 16 or some other significant day, marriage, retirement, and an assortment of other special events.  Everyone I have ever met wants the event their celebrating to be special, not only for them but also within the minds of their guests attending the event.

So now the question arising is how?  What do you need to do to ensure you and your guests have the time of their life at your event, before we answer that it’s important to examine what would create this within the minds of your guests?

Various articles from respect psychologist have found when any emotion is created it also creates a memory and depending upon the level of emotion created determines the extent or greatness or intensiveness a memory is formed.  Whether the emotional feeling created is traumatic or pleasurable the intensity is what determines the extent of the memory.  For example, your first lovemaking session we would imagine or hope it was quite the pleasurable experience, and in the time to read through what was just written you were able to bring back that memory of that time in your life, whether pleasure or not so much.

In essence, what all this boils down to is any event creating a strong pleasurable emotional response the event will become a memory.  Now, to further this memory recall, as an example, if you were to visit the Grand Canyon, the Golden Gate Bridge, or a simple day at the beach or lake, and you documented your trip with photos of the places with you and family or friends within the photos you would be able to better recall the memory and it would be further ingrained into your memory.

Back to original question “How to make your event Amazing!!!”, you now know you have to provide, hopefully, a pleasurable emotional response and document that event with something they can look back upon to recreate the memory.  Just think about the birth of your children or your wedding or even your high school prom…they were all documented with photos and you see a photo of yourself, your child or your date with you the memory is instantly recreated.

So how do you do that with any event.  We actually had the chance to experience an event that stimulated exactly what I’m referring to.  Since I have studied this topic to some degree it interested me and lucky I had the chance to talk with the owner of what I’m about to explain to you, the owner name was Rich.  Rich was just one of those good ole boys who was not only extremely professional, and nice he just had a fantastic personality…he was no doubt a people person and I discover he knew exactly what I’ve been trying to tell with respect to creating memories.

Rich owns Candid Pix Photo Booths and they have all these different props that you can use to dress up and add silly things to your photos and in doing so you’ll have the time of your life…but lets stop here for a moment and think about that…as I said you’ll have a fantastic time, but it doesn’t stop there.  All the people in attendance will have just as good of time as you will.  Why…simply put we are all somewhat self-centered and in the minds of many guests your event doesn’t necessarily create an emotional response to create a memory.

However, getting their picture taken in such a silly position combined with laughter and good times creates a memory with their mind because it was about them.  Now add into that the event is documented with photos of them doing some silly things that they can take with them, and share on their social media platforms…that’s is a great memory, but what makes this the ultimate amazing event is every single time over the next 30 years when they look at those pictures they will be immediately transported back to the time they got the pictures taken…and guess what else pops into mind where they were at when the pictures were taken…ahhhhhhh….your event.

This is exactly how you create an event that is amazing…creating that forever memory…if your ever in or around the greater Phoenix area I would urge you to contact Rich at Candid Pix Photo Booths which I have created a link to their website so you can see all the different kinds of booths available plus so many other things…



Having A Pro Do It

From time to time we create post about many different things but because of a recent development involving our friends and their families we felt the need to step forward and simply tell you about it, because if it walks like a duck, quacks like duck…well it must be a duck…we believe this is a time we want to help in any way we can to support our local businesses.

We’ve talked with some friends that I associate with the when they all tell us the same thing I tend to listen to them.  They live in our home town of the Big KC MO, and for those of you who don’t know that that is well its Kansas City, Missouri.

Anyway the point is when we have our friends tell us more than once how special this particular local business is…Well we just feel like we needed to tell all of our friends reading our post about it.

So the company goes by the name of Asphalt Sealcoating KCMO, you can click on the link to see their website.  They are local to Kansas City business and have been around since 1965 and we have to support our local businesses who are chasing that sometimes elusive American Dream.  They started out doing what many people in this particular line of business do.  They went door to door talking to home owners and business owners where they noticed their pavement need some serious attention.  Whether it was driveways or small parking lots in and around the Kansas City area.  As time went on they branched out getting bigger and bigger doing just about any kind of asphalt pavements whether they are parking lots, driveways or even natural trails at some of the nicest parks in the area.

Even though they it seems they do some very large projects what we were told by our friends is they still arrange for time to do driveways.  You know it’s kind of reminds me of something we’ve been told all our lives, which is you should always “dance with the one that brought you”, which is simply saying that you should always keep doing what brought you to your success.

As we said our friends who are home owners and business owners alike it was those people who actually motivated us to create this post by how they individually raved about this asphalt sealcoating business.  All we are asking is if or when you need some any of pavement repair, replacement or even brand new asphalt do yourself a favor and just give them a call.  From what we understand they would love the opportunity to earn your business and do an amazing job for you.

Mind Movies…What Are They…Part 2

Mind Movies takes the already powerful Law of Attraction, and literally puts it on steroids. This is because Mind Movies create and inspire more emotions by engaging as the senses of your eyes and ears, and they are extremely easy to watch and create.

No matter what you’ve been through, how old you are, or how impossible it may seem right now, you can start turning it all around today. You have the ability to change your life into whatever you want it to be simply by doing a few things.

Here is where you can accomplish:

Create the exact blueprint to acquire as much money as you want. You’ll be amazed at how doors begin opening for you!
Magically attract your perfect mate or put the sizzle back into your current relationship.
Finally lose the weight that’s been dragging you down and take pleasure in a sleek new youthful body instead.   Enjoy optimum health, energy, and vitality. Rediscover your zest for life!

Start that successful business.
Sail around the world…

Really whatever you want can begin to see you can achieve, creating the life you want starts with a crystal clear picture in your mind. You must see it and welcome it as clearly as if it were already your reality. When you do, you’re well on your way to activating the Law of Attraction in all its glory.

Mind Movies allow you to activate the “Law of Attraction” effortlessly! Your dreams and desires are automatically imprinted on your subconscious every time you sit down at your computer or pick up your phone and watch it. You become the designer of your destiny and rightly so…who else should be designing your destiny.

I’ve heard this over and over again as many people doubt this works…that is…until they try it…It’s understandable if you wonder if this would work for you. All I’m trying to get into your mind is to put aside your doubts long enough to give this a fair chance to attract the good things in life you deserve.

How about you just take this one step…and you can do this for “FREE” did you get that? Let me repeat it…this Mind Movie you will create will cost you absolutely no money and only a short amount of time… Maybe you’ve found it difficult to actually implement this concept effectively, or even to fully believe it can work…I get it.

Mind Movies are actually quite easy to make and will probably take less than an hour, but you need to prepare yourself with pictures that mean the most to you. Yes your right…it’s similar to a vision board but on rocket fuel.  No special skills or technical knowledge is really required. If you can invest a few hours of time you can easily create a Mind Movie of your own, and here is how you do it…

Make a short script for what you want your Mind Movie to be about.  Don’t worry about thinking writing isn’t “your thing”. Think about what is important to you and what you want your Mind Movie to be about. Money, fulfilling relationships, spiritual growth, health, gorgeous body, high paying career, whatever it may be, you decide what’s important to you.

You will be quite surprised within about 19-20 short minutes, your script idea will practically write itself, becoming a finely tuned powerful tool to create your Mind Movie. You can either use some photos you have or search the Internet for the photos you want to use…it’s really that easy.  Once you have all of your pictures ready to go you’re about ready to create the doorway into your mind and you’ll love watching it even more!


They are amazing if you will only try…

Thanks so very much,

Mind Movies…What Are They…Part 1?

There is a phenomenal way to instantly attract success into your life. It’s so simple and yes so easy a caveman, and to be politically correct a cave-woman can do it…or at least I would think he or she could. The truly amazing part of the mind movies is just how incredibly powerful, it can literally transform your life!
Allow me to try and explain how it works…

The concepts of visualization are far from new, and make no mistake, it’s absolutely essential in your goal to realizing your dreams. Harv Eker from his book says “No one becomes wealthy “accidentally”. We all must have a clear picture of where we intend to go. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, or how big or lavish your dreams are. The important thing is locking in on an actual picture of your ideal life can indeed make things happen.

For example, maybe you saw this…maybe not, anyway there are these two little girls from Jamaica and they were guests back when the Oprah show was on…not on the “Own” network she created afterwards… and the reason they were on the show was conveyed in their words “they saw it happening”. They went on to explain how they would look at Oprah’s picture over and over again and imagine how it felt to be there…and through their daily visualization they made to Oprah’s show. So I guess my question to you is…”why aren’t you using this to your best advantage”? Just maybe because until now, you’ve never heard of it, or what little bit you have heard seems too confusing or too difficult to do.

I believe the problem lies in the fact that we have always been told we need to visualize our dreams and allow our feelings of those dreams to absorb into us. It all sounds good but, most of us simply can’t visualize long enough, strongly enough, or consistently enough to make it work for us. Plus, you may stop yourself by not believing the process will work at all, which is followed by the stinking thinking of, “why bother?”

Fact is, the only way you will ever achieve anything is by “seeing” where you want to go in crystal clear detail, and it’s this consistent “seeing” that will set off a cosmic “chain reaction” bringing in the feelings, more specifically the emotions brought into us by experiencing the reality of our dreams fulfilled, which only helps to fulfill those dreams.

Do you have any idea why Mind Movies work? They work because they leverage off the extreme power of the Law of Attraction with visual effects. Basically, this means if you completely believe something will happen with all of your soul, and then feel as though it has already happened it will become a reality. People have utilized this amazing effect for years to become happy and successful. It’s also rooted in the science of psychology, because it’s your sub conscious mind that is constantly trying to close the gap between what you perceive as real, and what is real. Some of the issues associated with this lies within the minds of many people perceiving what they want to become reality.

We as a human beings tend to think about what we don’t want in our lives, whether it’s lack of money, bills, the old beat up car we need to replace, which only brings in more of things into our lives to helps get more lack, more bills, more of that old beat up car into our lives.  When you focus on the things you don’t want you will get more of what you don’t want…really it’s that simple.


Oh wait were not done next week we’ll do part two…

Who Are You – Do you Really Know? (Part 2)

Most people, including myself are not very adept at this kind of meditation but I believe it’s because our metabolism has us constantly moving in some fashion and just sitting still with your fingers on your knee just doesn’t cut it.  When in actuality I’m referring to something completely different…there is an ancient philosophy called Mu shin.  Mu shin is really nothing more than “mind with no mind”.  Understandably that is some jargon most are not familiar with…but it’s not nearly as difficult as one may think.

Thanks to the wonder of Wikipedia…Mu shin is a Japanese word; English translation “no mind” but it’s shortened from Mu shin to no shin meaning the mind without mind and is also referred to as the state of “no-mindness”.  Mu shin is achieved when a person’s mind is free from thoughts of anger, fear, or ego either during combat or everyday life. There is an absence of wandering thought and judgment, so the person is totally free to act and react towards an objective without hesitation and without disturbance from such thoughts. At this point, a person relies not on what they think should be, but on what is their trained natural reaction or what is felt intuitively. It’s not a state of relaxed, near-sleep kind of thing we think of in traditional meditation. The mind could be said to be working at a very high speed, but with no intention, plan or direction.

So in actuality it’s not about the picture above, and it can be achieved in many different natural occurrences and probably already has for you.  For example, it could easily happen while watching TV, mowing the grass, picking weeds, driving down the highway, or just waiting in line.  If you pay attention to people you can see them enter into Mu shin.  It’s because of the look that comes over their faces.   It’s important to note, this happens because when we least expect it…as we allow our inner mind to work on questions which will reveal themselves during these times.  The concept of journaling is very good habit to have…keeping a notebook with you to jot down idea you will be so surprised how many thought or ideas pass through your mind.

The real confusion comes in the form of a picture the following is something that could probably be found in a fortune cookie…here is Mu shin…

Mu shin can be nothing but can also be anything…

See what I told you…fortune cookie stuff…but really that is exactly what Mu shin is…depending upon you it could be while you doing nothing or it could be while you’re doing anything…for me it’s like a connection to my inner self giving me ideas, or answers to questions I’ve given it…so many times when I need to help about some particular subject…before I go to bed I concentrate on whatever the subject is and tell my inner mind to go to work as I sleep and give me the answer but 9:00 the next morning…surprisingly it works for me…


Wow that’s a lot to take in right…but is what it is…


Thanks so much for your time,


Who Are You – Do you Really Know? (Part 1)

The sole purpose of this effort is to supply you with the “Keys to the Kingdom” for the attainment of whatever it is you may want.  Many people have the aspirations of greater happiness, but for whatever reason they think  happiness comes with the possession of material things such as money, land, companionship or even sex, drugs, and rock and roll and once you have acquired these items in abundance you will have reached happiness and of course freedom.  The odd thing to this aspiration is we discover what we all need most and few have it…is to be consistent in “Being You” your best self…yeah many people would say that sounds like a lot of B.S. when in actuality we know it’s not…if you did you would not be reading this right now.

It’s a misnomer, but we continue chasing the feeling of greater possessions…we need more…have to have more, and it matters not what it is as long as it’s more, and it brings us contentment, happiness, or freedom into our lives…when it actuality…that is so far from the truth.  No person, place or thing can or will every give us any of these things.

Depending on our quantity of capital we may enjoy certain happiness and possibly a smidgen of contentment, but not true freedom.  We won’t be able to do that looking in the mirror exercise…because it won’t work…what is the mirror exercise…ahhhhh yes.   That is when you take the time to really look at yourself in the mirror and ask the question are you happy with what you see…so you feel good about what you’re doing…if you were to die at this moment would you be proud of what you’ve done.

Hey I get it…it’s hard to understand outside things are not what gives us the freedom we chase.  We can; however; experience it on many levels, but probably the most important thing to learn from this is joy does not come from outside of us, but from within…OK so you get it, but if that’s true why do so many dogs still chase that car…I can’t answer that one…but it’s true many dogs still do.   If we really want to find true joy, happiness, contentment and freedom you will learn they all come from within.

So if it comes from within how do we get it then…first it’s necessary to continually persist in the knowledge and understanding of the “Law of Visualization” and to make practical application of that knowledge on whatever level of life we exist upon.  What is this “Law of Visualization”?  Visualization is defined as visual imagery and it has been an effective way to communicate both abstract and concrete ideas since the dawn of man…it’s really any technique for creating images, diagrams, or animations to communicate a message to your mind.

It’s essential for you to acquire the desired knowledge necessary to create those things you desire and through meditation…many things come to you.  Whoa…whoa….whoa…I get it…just hang on…I’m not saying meditation in the traditional sense of what comes to mind when you hear the word meditation.  Here’s something to freak you out just after I said meditation did you not get some picture in your mind of this…

Hang on this is not what I’m referring to as you will see in Part 2

Second Round Of Self-Improvement

I’m surely not going to tell you to go to a mountain just to meditate…unless you live by one and that’s something you enjoy…but keep in mind that’s not what I’m referring to… what I’m referring to is in the understanding of silence is definitely the most effective way. You see silence is where your inner being will begin to communicate with you…through thoughts and ideas.  Trust me when you try to do nothing…absolutely nothing…just sit there and let your mind ramble…you will be amazed at all the crazy shit that pops into your mind…really…

What is important to understand is if you continue to just sit there…maybe put a time limit on it like 10 minutes and work up from there?  What will naturally follow in this process where you mind begins to quiets itself and many of those random thoughts begin to disappear.  This is the place you begin looking for…actually it’s more like searching for the power residing within our amazing selves.  Begin to focus on your heart or the middle of your chest as you begin to hear and feel your heart beat.  What I’m relating to you is not some practice that is only within the United States…oh no…its stretches across many different countries all over the world…it truly is global.

This is not about blowing smoke up your…well you know.  There are Millions of people who now know we are all connected, but what they may be missing out on is how.  Remember I told you about growing up in Missouri and there is a saying there “I’m from Missouri Prove It”.  I’ve always been the kind of person who need proof…if you told me something you best be able to prove…otherwise keep it to yourself.  So I’m making you honorary members of the Great State of Missouri and you know I’m so glad you asked.  The remarkable part is the science community is currently doing just that…they are proving what the spiritual community as known for years…which is we are all connected…but really…what does that mean?

Well I have to say your luck is changing as you continue to read I’m about to reveal my gift to you.  What you have before yourself in your most beautiful hands is a book I created and it’s not just some regular feel nice BS kind of book.  You know it…I know it…I’m far from any scientist.  Rather than trying to BS my way through this important information I received an ideas…yeah we’ll talk about those kinds of things later…but anyway this idea or concept in writing this book.  You kind of are about to get the best of both worlds…

Self-Improvement For Your Mind

Self-improvement is something very necessary in your life…it’s a must and it takes a bit of time…there is an understanding you need to go slow to go fast.  It’s only through self-reflection, self-improvement that you begin to learn who you really are.  People are becoming more aware of the relationship going on between their inner selves and their outer selves, as proof you’re different, weird maybe even a bit crazy…but tell me if I’m wrong…have you not thought about this inner you I’m referring to…have you not begun to look inside…have you not had ideas or thoughts popping into your head this very moment as you’re readying this…you know it’s true…I know it’s true…and that kind of makes it spooky…yes!

If you haven’t began this journey your thinking about…it’s really not that spooky…it’s like walking on water is a piece of cake…provided you know where the stones just beneath the water lay.  If you weren’t having these kinds of thoughts you wouldn’t be here…you would not be reading this book…see I just sound mystical…I’ve just been there so I know certain things like what you’re going through.  Think about this for a minute…let’s say I was meeting you for the first time…actually in this setting that is somewhat true…anyway you probably know my first question…who are you?  What do you say…do you say I’m a mother or father, school teacher, nurse, mechanic, or whatever your current job title gives you…that’s not who you are…that’s the role you’re playing…that’s the role you’ve chosen at this point in your life…but that’s not really you.

Discovering who the real you actually is at the core of your being and once you’ve truly met that person…listen to me now…once you’ve really met that person you will no longer come from any other place.  Don’t take that as you give the other things up…if you said you are a mother or father, school teacher, nurse, mechanic, or whatever you still are, but you’re doing now from the perspective of your I am.  I get it…I understand this sounds like a lot to lay out but that’s a good thing because believe it or not I’m preparing you for the next section or topic we’re going to visit. OK so where were we…ah yes…you may think you know this inner you, but beware it as I said it could easily be another you…and not the real you.

Self Disipline

Self-Discipline It’s About Gain Mastery of The Following…

  1. Your tongue…always making sure to think before you speak and what you’re going to say will not only benefit you but does not hurt others. Remember lose lips sinks ships…
  2. Do not Strike Back At Others…whether it’s real or imagined is not the point…the point to remember is whatever you do whether it’s for yourself or for another.  It’s because every thought or every act benefits or injures another comes back to you through karma and usually greatly multiplied…so in the future if you feel you need to slander another simply just don’t say it, but here’s an idea…write it down, and then later read it to yourself, and then when your alone read it out loud where no one can hear you, and finally once your satisfied tear it up.
  3. Controlling Emotions is very important…but more specifically love, hate, fear and sex. These are without a doubt the biggest of all our emotions and they have the ability to make or break you based upon the degree or let’s say amount of control you can exercise over them.
  4. A Mental Attitudes…Controlling your attitude is the name of the game…if you can imagine life as a game, and it can and does drive away friends, family, spouses or significant others, as well as many opportunities if you don’t have control over them.   Constantly practice a positive attitude because real or fake people enjoy prefer it…you can go much further in life with a positive attitude because people will want to be around you as opposed to a negative one where no one wants to be around you.
  5. Emotion of Sex is very powerful and failure to exercise any self-discipline over this emotion will be destructive beyond your imagination.  It heads the list of all the causes of personal failure. The emotion of sex is by far and away the most powerful of all the emotions and it can be transmuted into good or left to run rampant.  The key of controlling this highly yet amazing emotion is through as I said transmutation.
  6. Your stomach…yeah I know had to go there…but really the discipline of proper eating habits combined with diet and fasting is a powerful combination. It really is more a personal thing and will not necessarily be addressed here other than to say in general someone who is over weight is sometimes thought to be lazy and has a low self esteem.
  7. Religion and Politics is a no no and is better off left alone.  Let’s be real here when you delve into this topic it has an uncanny ability to bring about arguments, frustrations, and negativity and in most cases can never be settled.  Just keep your opinions to yourself because that is what they are opinions just don’t comment on them even when asked…
  8. The mind which is amazing and controlling and direct to definite end is a constant process that you most adhere to. You must learn to control the thoughts which you will allow and the ones you won’t, because if you don’t your mind will control you and you never want to be in that place…it’s like the story of two wolves; 

An old Grandfather said to his grandson running deer, who had come to him with anger with a friend who had, in his mind, done him an injustice, as his grandfather said “let me tell you a story running deer.”

I too, like you, have felt a great hate for those that have taken so much, with no empathy for that they’ve done.  Hate and envy wears you down, and does not hurt your enemy.  In fact, it’s like drinking poison and hoping your enemy will die.  I have struggled with these very feelings so many times in my long life”.  The Grandfather continues, “It’s as if there are two wolves inside me, with one being good and does no harm. He lives inside me in harmony with all that is around him, and does not take offense when no offense was intended.  He will only fight when it’s right to do so and only then fight in the right way, but the other wolf he is much different…he is full of anger, envy and this littlest thing sets him into a fit of temper.  He fights everyone, all the time and for no real reason…he is the wolf of EGO.  He cannot and does not think because his anger, envy and hate are so great.  He does not understand his helpless anger, envy and hate will change nothing.  Sometimes, it’s hard to live with these two wolves inside me for both of them try to dominate my spirit”

Running deer appeared to be in deep thought as he looked at the floor for over a minute when he finally looked up intently into his Grandfather’s eye and asked… “Which one wins, Grandfather?”

The Grandfather smiled and quietly said, “The one I feed running deer…the one I feed”.

I ask not for more riches, but instead I ask for more wisdom that I may create a wiser use of the riches you’ve blessed me with at birth consisting of the power of my mind with the ability to control it and with your guidance direct it to whatever ends I desire

True Flexibility

True Flexibility of the mind, body and spirit.

Flexibilityrevolves around whether or not you react to a situation or respond, which are options we choose either you will consciously choose or your subconscious will choose for you.  No one can ever upset you without your corporation…or permission.  To become upset you must react to a response given to you rather than respond in a controlled manor.

Direct and Control the emotion of Enthusiasmyou must be able to turn on and off this emotion as easily as you turn water off at the faucet.  Because if you do not control it…well it will control you every time.     

 Sincerity of Purpose…if you’re not sincere in every relationship you should be because the more you care about other people the more they tend to care about you…remember that golden rule, but if you find people tend to reject, for seem disconnected from you it’s your sincerity of purpose that is creating that situation.  No one is attracted towards someone who deceive others…although it may work in the beginning karma will play a factor if you simply continue your attitude.  Sincerity is one characteristic which cannot be faked, because when you’re not sincere it carries with it a telepathic signal or vibration if you will, and people easily and effortlessly pick up on.

Things that can destroy your pleasing personality

  1. Breaking in and running away with the conversation when other are talking.
  2. Sarcasm expressed by insinuations or put downs…
  3. Vanity expressed by words or action will make someone very unpopular
  4. Not Listening while other are speaking…very rude and your more apt to learn something while listening than while speaking, which by the way is why you were born with two ears and one mouth…use those ears more often.
  5. Flattery…giving flattery where flattery is not deserved will bring quick resentment from others…be generous but genuine with your praise.
  6. Finding Fault or complaining about the world at hand is never a popular habit nor is it advisable. It’s far better to direct the conversation towards things which are good and positive as opposed to complaining about things you believe to be wrong..remember the adage about opinions.
  7. Openly and directly challenging those with whom you do not agree when there is really no reason for doing so other than to be, in your mind right or to be on the opposite side just to create discontent.
  8. Volunteering unsolicited advice…this can make you an in-tolerated bore…maybe a better phrase is “Don’t be a Dick”.  Keep in mind free advice is usually considered to be worth just what it cost, which is nothing but the patience to listen to people is quite a valuable trait.
  9. Speaking of physical ailments or by complaining about personal problems is something which should be kept to yourself. Only speak of things which interest the person you’re talking with, which are things they are interested in.
  10. Superiority…through use of words,body language and topics unfamiliar to others keeps your conversations in tune with those you’re talking with using their words and expressions.
  11. Envy…of those who are successful…comes from your inner feelings of lack…and the more you concentrate on lack the more you receive.  Try to be generous, sympathetic, and joyous at the accomplishments and success of others.
  12. Looking your best without being overdressed is a worthwhile endeavor yet being careless in the care of your body and your dress leads to a perception of a negative attitude which again is picked up telepathically and vibrationally.

Remember, if for any reason you are not liked by others there is a reason which you can and should be able to detect and correct…there is a law called cause and affect…and it always…without fail is working.  It’s important to remember that Andrew Carnegie paid his #1 assistant Charles Swab $100,000 per year for services rendered, but what’s important is he gave Charles a $1,000.000 bonus every year because of the pleasing personality Charles used with every employee within the company, which bread a loyalty which cannot be bought.

I leave you with an intention I use every day which is to refrain from demanding more riches, yet I demand more wisdom of myself from the infinite power I have a connection to.  I’ve been blessed with certain gifts from birth and through the ability and power of my mind I ask for ways to better use my gifts than to ask for more.